Milkbar Bookstore是一間創立於2020年在台灣的本土攝影藝術專門書店。

創立者為Lulu Kan,曾經就讀日本寫真藝術專門學校。



Milkbar 想為台灣獨立書店注入新的活力,引進國內外攝影藝術書籍,致力於發展攝影文化。書店位於台灣桃園的老舊眷村裡,是ㄧ個安靜平和的地點,我們更是積極與在地相機店、書店、咖啡廳做連結,希望能讓攝影文化更加蓬勃發展。

Milkbar Bookstore is a local photography art bookstore established in Taiwan in 2020. The founder is Lulu Kan, who  studied at the Nippon Photography Institute in Tokyo.

From Taiwan to Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe, As a book lover, Lulu visited independent bookstores around the world, and dreamed of bringing the culture to Taiwan.

Despite the electronic era we live in, physical books still have their unique charm, given their exquisite covers, quality of paper, and well-designed layout.

Holding a physical book brings a different feeling to readers. 

In Taiwan, there are not many independent bookstores, and there are very few bookstores that specialize in photography. Milkbar Bookstore wants to inject new vitality into Taiwan's independent bookstores, introduce domestic and foreign photography art books, and is committed to developing photography culture. 

Milkbar is located in the quiet and peaceful and old military village in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

We are also actively connecting with local camera shops, bookstores, and coffee shops, hoping to make the photography culture flourish.

If you have the opportunity to come to Taiwan, please visit this small local bookstore!